Question 6 - Workplace Documents Practice Test for the WorkKeys

According to the safety policy announcement attached, which of these is a reason why personal protection equipment was not being worn regularly?

After a thorough review of the shop’s safety gear, it has come to the attention of management that much of it was outdated, inoperable, or missing. As a result, new safety gear has been ordered to replace the old gear that is no longer in compliance with current safety requirements or that no longer works at all. Here is a reminder of where and when to wear this personal protection equipment.

Located in the bin on the top shelf of the locker. Goggles should be worn when working on anything on the shop floor.

Gloves are located in the middle drawer of the cabinet next to the door. Gloves should be worn when working with rough materials that may be a cut hazard. These gloves will also protect your hands from dust and grime. If you are using the stamping machines, the heavy-duty leather gloves should be worn. If you are doing polishing work, the thinner disposable gloves should be worn.

New aprons are hanging on the hooks to the left of the locker. Wear an apron when working on the stamping machine, cutting machine, and polishing machine to protect your clothing from small metal shards. Make sure that the apron is properly secured by wrapping both ties around your waist and tying in a loose knot in the back.

Ear Protection:
Ear protection in the form of ear plugs are in the top drawer of the cabinet next to the door. Ear plugs should be worn when using the cutting and polishing machines. These are disposable and should be discarded after use.

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