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Free Study Guides for the WorkKeys®

It’s hard to approach a test if you have no idea what content is going to be covered. Well, look no more—we have that covered for you. Go through our free study guides to help review the important concepts and skills you’ll be tested on. Then, try our practice questions and flashcards to check your progress. They’re also free!

Applied Mathematics

The math on the WorkKeys® test involves using basic math strategies to solve problems that could really occur in the workplace. Use this study guide to help you review what you already know and practice any skills on which you may need to work.

Graphic Literacy

Reading and understanding graphics involves an additional set of skills when compared to general reading comprehension. There are various categories of information to access in a graphic and comprehension becomes highly important when you are asked to do higher level tasks with that information, such as make predictions and analyze trends. Use the information in this study guide to help you study for even the highest level Graphic Literacy questions on the WorkKeys® test.

Workplace Documents

The Workplace Documents WorkKeys® Test requires you to read and comprehend documents that may typically be found in the workplace. Then, you’ll be asked questions about these documents. The questions on the five different levels will range in complexity, as will the understandability level of the documents you read. Use this study guide to learn what to expect at each level of questioning.

Hopefully, these study guides have given you a wide view of the content covered on the WorkKeys® tests and helped you to feel prepared. Let us know how this went for you through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. Or you can send us an email at and tell us how you liked our test prep and about the whole testing experience. We’d love to hear from you!