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Free Practice Tests for the WorkKeys®

To be really comfortable on test day, it helps to know what types of questions you will see and these free practice questions can give you a great idea. Use them, along with our free study guides and flashcards to help you do your very best on the WorkKeys® test. Note that our sets of practice questions are organized by the five levels of the WorkKeys® assessment in increasing levels of difficulty. Thus, each set of five questions represents the types of skills you’ll need to use for Levels 3 through 7 questions on the test. So, questions 1 through 5 are on Level 3, etc.

Applied Mathematics

The questions in this section of the WorkKeys® test are all presented as word problems that can be solved with math strategies. Answering them correctly mainly requires you to convert the words into mathematical operations rather than doing really complicated, high-level calculations. There are five levels (3 through 7) of questions that range from simple problem-solving to more advanced procedures that require several steps and calculations.

Graphic Literacy

The Graphic Literacy questions on the WorkKeys® test center on visual forms of content rather than lengthy texts. Things like graphs, charts, and diagrams will be the basis for questions that vary in difficulty (levels 3 through 7), as do the visuals. Questions may simply ask you to find information that is actually printed in the visua,l or they may require you to analyze and work with the data shown to form a conclusion. Although the visuals will come from a variety of workplace environments, there is no special or technical knowledge required to answer these questions.

Workplace Documents

The questions in the Workplace Documents section of the WorkKeys® test involve deciphering various types of written content that might be found in a workplace environment. Some of the text you will read is easy, but other selections include some legal and technical vocabulary. This will require you to use context clues to derive meaning from it and answer the questions. The passages and questions are on five different levels of difficulty, 3 through 7. The simplest questions may just ask you to locate a piece of information in a very simple passage. On the other hand, as you move up the difficulty scale, you will find questions asking you to make judgments or predict based on more complicated pieces of writing.

We hope these practice questions have enabled you to feel more ready for the WorkKeys® test and ready to claim your spot in the workplace. Please let us know about your whole experience with preparation and the test by checking us out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or Twitter. Or shoot us an email at when you have a chance. Best of luck to you in this endeavor!