Free Flashcards for the WorkKeys®

Sometimes, just one little word can trip you up on a test question. So can a simple term or a process that you can’t quite remember. Use these free flashcards to keep that from happening on the WorkKeys® test. Review some of the most important ones before test day.

Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics WorkKeys® test will take you back to some of the most basic types of math calculations and problem-solving. Unfortunately, instruction in these concepts may have been quite long ago and you’ll need to bone up on any forgotten terms and vocabulary. Use these flashcards to review some of the most important ones.

Workplace Documents

A “workplace document” could be as simple as a memo or as complex as a legal document. You’ll be tested on comprehension and use of these and every type in between. Take this time to be sure you grasp the necessary vocabulary you will see in documents and questions on this test.

We’re hoping these flashcards enabled you to nail down some little words and processes that will help you on the WorkKeys® test and that you feel more confident now. Be sure to let us know about your studying and testing experience through Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. Or send us an email at Looking forward to hearing from you!