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Free Study Guides for the TSIA2

The TSIA2 is mandated for students entering college in the state of Texas, and the results will guide your course enrollment process. Find out what you need to know to do well on this test by using our FREE study guides for the TSIA2. This way, you’ll know what you’re facing ahead of time and can hone your skills, saving you both money and time in college.

ELAR: Reading

Being able to read with good comprehension is a vital skill if you want to perform well in college-level classes. The reading questions on the TSIA2 ELAR test assess all sorts of skills that contribute to the successful reading you will need to do as you pursue further education. Review all the information in this study guide to refresh your memory of reading skills you learned and/or need to practice before the test.

ELAR: Writing

Equally tested in the TSIA2 ELAR tests is the area of writing. Writing occupies half of the ELAR questions on both the CRC and Diagnostic TSIA2 tests, with reading being tested by the other half. Be sure to consult this study guide to see what kinds of things you’ll need to know about the best practices in writing.

Mathematics: Probabilistic and Statistical Reasoning

With advances in technology, knowledge of statistical skills is becoming increasingly necessary and useful. This study guide will help you review concepts that will be tested on the TSIA2 Mathematics tests. That way, you’ll know what you still need to study and can show what you really know on the tests.

Hopefully, our study guides helped you narrow down what you needed to study before taking the TSIA2 and you are prepared to show your finest work on test day. Please let us know about your whole preparation and testing experience by finding us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube. We can also be reached at if email is your thing.