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Free Practice Tests for the TSIA2

It’s always helpful to be familiar with the types of questions you’ll see on a test, and the TSIA2 is no exception. If you want to attend college in the state of Texas, you’ll need to take this test unless you’ve secured a TSIA2 exemption. Doing well on it will save you time and money in college, so take advantage of our FREE practice test for the TSIA2.

ELAR: Reading

These questions will comprise exactly half of both the TSIA2 CRC and Diagnostic ELAR tests, with 15 and 24 questions respectively. They assess your readiness to tackle college-level reading assignments and answer questions related to comprehension of text and the use of basic reading strategies. We provide enough reading questions to enable you to simulate the actual test length, even if you need to take both the CRC and Diagnostic ELAR tests. Questions on the Diagnostic ELAR cover mostly the same content, with a few additions. To fully prepare for the ELAR tests, you’ll need to access our ELAR: Writing materials as well.

ELAR: Writing

Both of the TSIA2 ELAR tests (CRC and Diagnostic) devote exactly half of the questions to the area of writing. There are 15 writing questions on the ELAR CRC and 24 on the ELAR Diagnostic test. Our practice question set is sufficient to simulate the actual testing experience, even if you take both of these tests. These questions assess your ability to perform at a “college-ready” level in constructing clear writing and making corrections that improve given writing. For complete preparation for the ELAR tests, be sure to use our ELAR: Reading practice materials, as well.

We hope you found our free practice questions helpful as you prepared for the TSIA2 and that you have a positive testing experience. Please share anything about your practice or testing experience with us through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube. We’d also love to hear from you in an email: