The Benefits of Joining a Student Nurses' Organization

The Benefits of Joining a Student Nurses’ Organization

When you’re in nursing school, the last thing you want is to add another obligation on to your plate. You’ve already got a ton of homework to contend with, not to mention a job, family, and what’s left of a social life. So why in the world would you want to add “member of a student nurses’ organization” to your list? Simply put: it benefits you! Here are five ways how:

Discounts: By becoming a member of a student nurses’ organization, you get discounts to a variety of services and goods, including scrubs, schools supplies, and even hotels. You’ll also have access to professional literature and get discounts on NCLEX prep that will come in very handy throughout the course of your studies.

Resume Builder: Everyone who has completed nursing school has earned their degree, so how do you make your resume stand out from the rest? The leadership skills and involvement that is implicit with membership goes a long way in making you a uniquely skilled candidate for the job!

Support network: It’s a known fact that the more positive connections you have in an industry, the more opportunities you’ll have within it. The personal and professional relationships you make as a member of a student nurses’ organization will last a lifetime!

Nursing scholarships: School is expensive no matter where you go, and we can all use more money! As a member of a student nurses’ organization, you’ll have access to many different nursing scholarships.

Leadership: Joining a student nurses’ organization will provide a solid foundation for leadership skills you will use throughout your nursing career.

the benefits of joining a student nurses' organization

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