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Free Study Guides for the TEAS

Our FREE study guide for the TEAS test is a big help if you’re studying to take the test! We give you a summary of the information you need to know arranged by section, so you can easily focus on math, English, science, or reading- or all of the above! Whether you’re short on time or using them in conjunction with our practice test for the TEAS, our study guides are an important tool to help you ace the TEAS test the first time!

English and Language Usage

The English and Language Usage section of the ATI TEAS test measures your knowledge of basic English principles because nurses are required to be able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Use this study guide to help you review your English language knowledge and related skills. Be sure to seek further practice on any topics about which you are confused.


Math facility and accuracy is vital in nursing. Measurements and the use of data is a fundamental part of healthcare and you will need to know a certain amount of measurement, data skills, algebra, and arithmetic to pass the ATI TEAS Math Test. Use this study guide to review concepts in all of these areas before you sit for the exam.


Reading is such a broad area of study and affects nearly all aspects of education. Your reading ability will be a key in successfully navigating the field of healthcare. Understanding what you read can make a difference in the quality and type of patient care you provide as a nurse. Use this study guide to help you know what types of reading skills to review before taking the ATI TEAS test.


Knowledge and understanding in the area of science is a big part of nursing. This part of the ATI TEAS assesses your expertise in several of the sciences. You can find out which ones and what you’ll need to know by accessing this study guide. We’ll provide you with an outline of topics and some helpful review material, as well.

We hope you find our study guides useful as you study to take the TEAS test! If you’re on social media, we’d love to connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. We’d love to hear your feelings about the TEAS test or nursing school, get your feedback on the website, or answer any questions you have. Happy studying and best of luck as you take this test and begin your new career as a nurse!