How Long Should I Study for the TEAS Test?

How Long Should I Study for the TEAS Test?

According to the Bureau of Labor, there are over 3 million registered nursing jobs in the country, and registered nurses make an average of around $70,000 per year. If you feel nursing is your calling, it’s time to start thinking about nursing school.

Many nursing schools in America require students to take and pass the TEAS test. TEAS stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills, and the idea is that by passing the test, you demonstrate that you’re ready for higher education classes.

Studying for the TEAS test can feel intimidating. What’s covered on the test? How can you set up a study schedule, and what are the best materials to prepare?

Read on as we talk about how to study for the TEAS and how early you should start studying before your exam date.

What Is the TEAS Test?

The TEAS test measures your general knowledge of several core subjects. As we mentioned earlier, the objective is to determine whether or not students are ready for university-level classes, and it is a required prerequisite of most nursing schools. If you are applying to more than one nursing school, there is almost a 100% chance that you will need to take the TEAS test first.

What Subjects Are Covered on the TEAS Test?

The TEAS test covers four subjects broadly and includes specific subcategories within each broader topic. The four subjects are:

  • Reading

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • English and Language Usage

The Reading subcategories include:

  • Key ideas and details

  • Craft and structure

  • Integration of ideas and knowledge

The Mathematics subcategories include:

  • Numbers and algebra

  • Measurement and data

The Science subcategories include:

  • Human anatomy and physiology

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Scientific reasoning

The English and Language Usage subcategories include:

  • Conventions of Standard English

  • Knowledge of language

  • Using language and vocabulary to express ideas in writing

In total, the TEAS includes 170 questions.

How Is the TEAS 7 Different from Previous Versions?

In 2022, the TEAS was updated, and students are now taking version 7. The TEAS 7 contains subcategories previously excluded from earlier versions of the exam, including chemistry and biology, as well as an expansion of English and Language Usage questions.

In addition, the TEAS 7 requires students to answer questions in various formats rather than multiple-choice alone. Some questions will have multiple-choice options in which students must select all that apply. Others will require students to put provided steps in the correct order, click on images that contain the answers to questions, or offer solutions in a “fill in the blank” box.

What Is a TEAS Passing Score?

Nursing schools set different standards for the scores they’ll accept. In other words, there is no specific “passing score,” although no nursing school will take a score below 60%.

Questions are weighted differently, meaning that some questions are worth more points than others, and test takers will not know which ones have a higher value. A small percentage of questions do not count toward your score and are instead used for research purposes, but you will not know which ones do and which don’t. Answering a question incorrectly will not count against you, and it is recommended that you provide an answer for all questions, even if you aren’t sure of the proper response.

When Should You Start Studying for the TEAS Test?

Because 40% of students fail the TEAS exam on their first attempt, it’s crucial to devote plenty of time and effort to studying. Unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all study schedule will benefit all TEAS test takers. It will depend on how familiar you are with the subjects on the test, how well you tend to test overall, and more.

Proper preparation for the TEAS 7 test would entail at least five weeks of studying leading up to your scheduled exam date. We recommend giving yourself a minimum of one week per subject. Ideally, you would want at least one additional week after that to review all of your study materials again.

How Many Times Can You Take the TEAS Test?

What happens if you don’t get the score you needed the first time around? The good news is that you have another chance, but those chances are limited.

Test takers are permitted to take the TEAS test up to three times in a single twelve-month period. You will have to pay for the exam, which costs about $115 each time you take it. By creating a solid study schedule and using the right materials, you can increase your chances of only having to take the test one time.

Tips for Creating Your TEAS Study Schedule

You’ve designated the next five weeks to study for the TEAS. Now, let’s talk about tips to make the most of your study schedule. From finding the best study materials to paying attention to your trouble areas, these tips will allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Create Clear Goals

Creating clear goals for each study session can help you to monitor your progress and stay on track. For example, your plan for Day 1 might be to complete a full overview of the TEAS reading study guide. On Day 2, you might look closely at one of the specific subcategories within that subject.

When you’re putting together your study schedule, include breaks and days off. Studying for hours every day can lead to burnout, leaving you exhausted and mentally fried on test day. Consider studying five days a week and taking two days to relax.

If putting together and sticking to a study schedule seems overwhelming, you may find a TEAS 7 study course helpful. Personalized study courses like those offered by Union Test Prep automatically adjust to your schedule and strengths, so you maximize your study time by focusing on the areas you struggle with the most.

Get Started with Study Guides

The good news is that you don’t have to guess what specific information you’ll need to know for the TEAS 7 test. You can use TEAS study guides as an integral part of your exam prep.

There are many ways to take advantage of these study guides. Reading through them will start to refresh your memory of the subjects on the test. Taking written notes on what you read will help to increase your long-term memory of the material.

Use Multiple Methods to Review the Materials

Trying several different study methods can help you better remember your study materials on test day. Many students have unique learning styles, and finding the right way to interact with your study materials is an essential part of preparing for a test.

One option is to intermittently test your knowledge with TEAS flashcards. Another is to draw images or develop pneumonic devices that will help you form associations with difficult words or concepts. You can also try teaching the material to someone else, which will require you to explain complex concepts in new ways.

Take Practice Exams

Consider taking TEAS practice exams at least twice during your preparation period. Practice exams can give you a sense of not only the information on the TEAS test but also how questions and problems are presented and what answers the proctors are looking for.

What types of questions are you most frequently answering incorrectly? Which subcategories are taking you the longest to complete? By taking TEAS practice exams, you can better assess your trouble areas.

Use the Final Week to Review Trouble Areas

If you’ve scheduled a fifth week to study before the TEAS, use this time to review trouble areas. While it’s beneficial to go over your study materials one last time, you should devote more time to the subjects or subcategories you’re struggling to master.

It may be helpful to pair up with another student taking the TEAS test soon. Together, you may have more ease in making sense of complex concepts and developing a solid understanding of all of your study materials.

Ace the TEAS With Union Test Prep

If you’re interested in becoming a registered nurse, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to take and pass the TEAS test first. Currently, students will take the TEAS 7, which has a few expanded sections and a varied format that may seem intimidating to future test-takers.

Fortunately, Union Test Prep is here to help! We offer free online exam prep materials for some of the most popular and challenging standardized tests. Take a look at our TEAS exam prep materials and use this guide to create a foolproof study schedule before your testing date.

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