9 Ways You Know You're A Nursing Student

9 Ways You Know You’re A Nursing Student

Want a quick way to “diagnose” a nursing student? Here are 9 symptoms they all have in common!

  1. Friends and family begin pointing to random spots on their arms and demanding you give them a diagnosis.

  2. You start checking out and admiring people’s veins.

  3. You start finding “creative” ways to lie when a patient asks if you’ve done a new procedure before.

  4. You have diagnosed everyone you know with at least one physical or mental health problem .

  5. You have diagnosed yourself with every physical and mental health problem, period.

  6. You begin thinking of the days where you JUST had to clean up another person’s BM as “not that bad.”.

  7. You get confused when someone mentions “weekend plans” that don’t involve books or a study date..

  8. You pretty much stop shopping for clothes because you only wear scrubs…and you are ok with that..

  9. You don’t understand why your non-nursing friends don’t want to hear what you did today..

9 ways you know you're a nursing student

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