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Free Study Guides for the TABE™ Test

Adult education classes may seem like a daunting task, but you have goals! If those goals require taking the TABE, then we can help. Our free Study Guides for the TABE can steer you in the right direction when it comes to studying. You’ll know just what to study and be able to practice what you need in order to score well and move on to the next phase of instruction and life!

Note: While our practice test and flashcard support is divided into two sections each in Reading and Language, we have combined our study tips into one study guide for each of these areas. These guides will cover both types of questions that appear in each section of the TABE.


Using the English language effectively depends on many smaller skills and the TABE Language test covers many of them. Our study guide will help you to review major concepts, such as paragraph construction. It will also remind you of all of those little things, like proper punctuation, that make your writing stand out.

Mathematics: Applied

While taking the Applied Math section of the TABE, you will be solving problems very similar to the old “story problems” you remember from school. There won’t just be numbers and symbols listed, but you will have to take a short paragraph of information and design your own problem to determine the answer. You can use a calculator, but you’ll need to know which numbers and operations to punch in. Use this study guide to help you know what to review in preparation and seek further help if there are things that still stump you.

Mathematics: Computation

Succeeding on the Math Computation part of the TABE is simply a matter of knowing how to do the four basic operations with all sorts of numbers, from whole numbers through fractions and decimals. Since this part of the test assesses accuracy, calculators are not allowed for this section. Practice all of the needed skills as listed and explained in this study guide. Then, if you still need to work on accuracy, you can find all sorts of resources online and in workbooks to help.


The Reading section of the TABE requires you to be able to read passages and understand them. Part of what you need to know to answer the questions is stated right there in print. Some answers, however, are not so clear-cut. For these, you need to be able to read and think beyond the text and do things, such as inferring and drawing conclusions. It’s a whole new level of “understanding” the written word.

Our Reading practice questions are divided into two sections for this reason. This study guide, on the other hand, covers both types of reading proficiency, so that all the stuff you need to know and review is in one place.

We hope our study guides have been helpful as you pursue your education. We also hope you will keep in touch all the way down this path, through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or YouTube. You can also email us at . Best of luck to you, and let us hear about it, all the way through this process.