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Flashcards are a great learning tool when you need to remember all of those terms and definitions involved in a subject. Our FREE flashcards for the TABE can help you review key skills as you prepare for the TABE and are great for quick practice sessions.

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Table of Contents

Sections of the TABE Test


Practicing for the TABE Language test will help you show how much you know already and prevent you from using valuable time taking review classes. Check out these flashcards as a means of checking your language skills.They cover things you’ll need for acing both mechanics/usage and paragraphs types of questions.

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Whether it’s doing simple calculations or tackling the more involved “word problem” questions on the TABE math sections, knowing many math basics will help. Use these flashcards for a quick review of some terms and ideas that will help you along. They cover the material in both of the TABE Math sections.

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During the TABE Reading test, it may be assumed that you are familiar with a number of literary terms and definitions of some commonly confused words. Studying these ahead of time will help improve your score and these flashcards can be a part of that preparation!

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