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The Definitive Practice Test Guide for the TABE Test

Sections of the TABE Test

Language: Mechanics and Usage

Part of the Language test is devoted to testing your ability to use the correct mechanics of proper English. These Language: Mechanics and Usage questions deal with punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and correct word usage. Normally, they refer to a given sentence.

Language: Paragraphs

Like the name suggests, the Language: Paragraphs section of the TABE will ask you to analyze a paragraph. You may be required to pick a sentence that best fits in a certain place in the paragraph or to tell which sentence should be eliminated to make the paragraph more effective. It will be important for you to understand how a paragraph is best organized for clear meaning.

Mathematics: Level A

The TABE Level A Mathematics test is the most difficult. It assesses your competency in math through the high school level. This set of practice questions tests your fluency in all math skills up through that level, and you can find full explanations of all Level E through A skills in our Study Guide for Mathematics: Levels E, M, D, and A.

Mathematics: Level D

The questions on the TABE Level D Math Test require more math competence than those on Levels E and M, but are not as difficult as those on the Level A test. You will be responsible for using skills from levels E and M while solving problems involving level D skills. For this reason, our study guide for all levels of TABE Math should prove very helpful as you work on the skills tested by this section of questions.

Mathematics: Level E

If you are preparing for the TABE Level E Mathematics test, you’ll want to try these practice questions. They cover the concepts assessed by that test. You can find instructional help with these concepts in our TABE Mathematics Study Guide which covers levels E, M, D, and A.

Mathematics: Level M

The concepts tested by Level M of the TABE Mathematics test require more skills than those on Level E, but they are not as difficult as those on levels D and A. You can find instructional resources for all of the levels E, M, D, and A in our TABE Mathematics Study Guide. Just check the charts in this study guide to find out which skills are tested at each level and look over the content for those skills.

Reading: Evaluation

For some of the questions on the Reading: Evaluation section of the TABE, you will have to dig a little deeper than the printed words in the passage. To answer these questions correctly, you will need to take the information that is given and think critically about it. You might have to determine the author’s purpose or even predict what could happen next, based on clues from the passage.

Reading: Recall

The questions on the Reading: Recall section of the TABE require you to understand the meaning of words in context, recall details that are specifically given in a reading passage, and locate information that is presented in graphic form, such as on a table or chart. These questions do involve gaining meaning from the reading passage to find the necessary information, but you don’t necessarily have to translate what you’ve read into new thoughts.

Practice the TABE Test for Free