Question 19 - Reading: Level E Practice Test for the TABE Test

According to the text provided, why is Kelly in such a hurry to get home?

Kelly huddled into her jacket and peddled faster against the cold wind. Her bare hands gripping the handlebars were turning red, but she had to keep going. The mail was usually delivered around 3:30. Her mother came home from work at 4. Today, Kelly had stayed late at school to finish a project with Ben and she had lost track of time. If Kelly wanted to get that envelope from the school before her mom did, she had to hurry up. Kelly was usually a good student, but she’d forgotten to read that chapter Mrs. Miller assigned as homework and she’d failed the test. Mrs. Miller sent home letters to all students who failed the test. Her mom would be so disappointed if she knew! Kelly had to get that envelope!

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