Question 3 - Language: Level D Practice Test for the TABE Test

Choose the best sentence to fill the blank in the provided passage.

Johnny Cash was a famed musician originating from the latter half of the twentieth century. Beginning in the 1950s, Cash stunned the music world with his singing and songwriting abilities. While his origins were in gospel music, it was the country world that skyrocketed his career into the limelight. Cash released his first recording in 1955, and his fame only rose from there. In 1968, he married June Carter, a woman who held a spotlight of her own. June and Johnny first met in the 1950s, when Johnny toured with The Carter Family. ____ Their marriage a decade later came as a surprise to no one in the industry. Although Johnny had a dark side, being addicted to alcohol and drugs for much of their marriage, the two remained married until June’s death in 2003.

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