Free Study Guides for the SBAC

Even though your knowledge of high school concepts will mostly come from your years of school studies, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of what will be covered on the SBAC test and the types of questions you might be asked. Check out our free SBAC study guides for all the info you need to really prepare well!

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11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Listening

About 21% of the questions on the SBAC English Language Arts and Literacy test will assess your ability to listen to and derive meaning from an oral presentation. This study guide should help you be aware of things to especially listen for and how to apply them when answering questions. As with any other discipline, the more you practice, the easier this task will be.

11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Reading

A greater of the items on the SBAC English Language Arts test are devoted to reading, about 37%, so you’ll need to be fluent in comprehension and text analysis skills to do well. We have listed the major points for which you will be responsible in this study guide so you’ll know what to practice if any of them are still unclear. Be sure to consult other sources and read all you can, using critical reading skills, before test time.

11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Writing

About 21 % of the questions on the SBAC English Language Arts and Literacy Test will be focused on behaviors you exhibit when you write. This study guide discusses those behaviors and tells what the test producers expect from you and what scorers will be looking for. You are encouraged to use this guide as you practice your writing skills before taking the test.

11th Grade Mathematics: Numbers and Operations

Since the SBAC 11th-grade mathematics test covers so much content, we have divided our practice materials into five sections. This one, on numbers and operations, helps you to prepare for questions that relate to our number system and working with all sorts of numbers to solve problems while following the rules that apply.

Please note that not all questions on the actual SBAC test will be in multiple-choice form like all of these practice questions. Check out our study guides for more information about question types, but be assured that we have covered the content of each subject well in all of our materials.

Hopefully, our study guides for the SBAC test have helped you to organize your preparation and be ready for test day. Let us hear all about it through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. Or send us an email at [email protected] We’d love to hear how things went!