Free Practice Tests for the SBAC

If your state uses the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test, these free practice questions are for you! Even though you’ve taken all the classes, extra practice before this test can help you really “show what you know!” And it’ll give you an idea of what areas may require more practice before you actually take the test.

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11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Reading

While the 11th grade SBAC test has only one English Language Arts section, we have chosen to provide practice in each of its components separately to give you the most comprehensive preparation. This section tests how well you can read, understand, and analyze written material. You will read various types of material, and you need to do so with a critical eye. Passages may be factual or literary, and you may be asked questions about structure, content, organization, and other specifics about the work. There may be more than one passage provided, and you’ll need to compare the two. The reading will reach the 11th grade level in difficulty.

Note that even though the practice questions we provide cover all concepts tested, they are only of the typical, multiple-choice variety. This type of question is included on the actual test, but there are other types, as well. See our study guides for more on other question types.

There is important information about differently formatted test items on the SBAC exam. Go here to read it while you prepare. Scroll down to “Tips and Tricks.”

11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Writing

Some questions on the SBAC English Language Arts test for the 11th grade assess how well you can write for a variety of purposes. From organization to grammar, you’ll need to show that you can write your thoughts in a coherent manner and use all of the correct English structures when doing so. Some of this will be assessed through multiple-choice questions and other parts through actual writing you do during the test. We provide this separate section of practice for the writing questions on the test so that we can adequately cover the skills you’ll need.

Find out more about the format of the questions on the actual test by consulting our study guides for each subject. The practice questions we provide here are only of the multiple-choice variety, and there will be other types on the actual test. Be assured, however, that our questions do cover the content expected to be assessed on the real test.

We hope that our SBAC practice questions helped put to ease any anxiety about taking the test. Please let us know about the preparation and testing experiences by hitting us up on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube—or shoot us an email at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you!