Question 1 - 11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Listening Practice Test for the SBAC

After listening to the audio, you are asked to note which characteristics of the average American school were included in the Manzanar camp. Which of the answer options would be a correct response?

Statement 1: Schools were set up and separated into kindergartens, grammar schools, and high schools.
Statement 2: Students could participate in extracurricular activities like drama, choir, and sports.
Statement 3: Detentions for students who misbehaved during class were held after school and on weekends.
Statement 4: School dances were held in modified tents that were used as the “auditorium.”
Statement 5: Field trips were offered to students to enhance the curriculum and take them to places outside of the camp.

Text for audio retrieved from: Keene, Jennifer D. World War II: Core Documents (Kindle Location 2070). Ashbrook Center. Kindle Edition.
Manzanar: Excerpt from Born Free and Equal by Ansel Adams

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