Question 1 - 11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Research Practice Test for the SBAC

A student is writing an informational research report about climbing Mt. Everest. Look at the attached list and select the two most credible sources that would most likely give the student more relevant information to include in her report

Source 1: Climbing to the Heavens: a nonfiction autobiographical text about a woman who climbed Mt. Everest after the death of her husband and children in a car accident

Source 2: “My Experiences with Everest”: a blog by an unknown “adventurer” who claims to have traveled the world spending less than $1 a day

Source 3: Backpacking Through Nepal: a nonfiction text about planning a hike through Nepal, where Mt. Everest is located

Source 4: Summits of the World: a documentary film about the top ten most summited mountains in the world

Source 5: A topographic map of Mt. Everest and the surrounding Himalayan mountains

Source 6: Geology Made Simple: a textbook explaining how mountains are formed

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