Free Study Guides for the Postal Service Exam™

It’s hard to prepare for any test if you don’t know what to study. For the post office exam, good preparation mainly consists of becoming familiar with the kinds of questions you’ll see and learning a few testing strategies. Use our free study guides for the Postal Service Exam™ as you get ready. Then, test your knowledge with our free practice questions and flashcards.

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Address Checking

Postal workers constantly deal with addresses and it is important to be able to spot errors in them. Learn how the Postal Service Exam assesses your address checking ability in this study guide and be better prepared for this section of the test.

Coding and Memory

Even though the Postal Service Exam™ Coding and Memory sections are given separately, we have combined them in this study guide. This is because the task is virtually the same in the two tests. The only difference is that you’ll have a code chart to refer to for the Coding test and not for the Memory Test. Read through this study guide to find out how to use your experience in the Coding test for help in the Memory section.

Forms Completion

This section of the test is all about matching information to its proper place on a form. There are numerous forms that must be used when working in the postal service. The forms on the test are similar to some of the ones used in post office work. Use this study guide to become accustomed to the format of the questions and the types of questions you’ll see on the test.

Personal Inventory

The first contact you’ll have with the Postal Exam™ will be a section of questions called the Personal Inventory. You can’t really study for these or practice anything, so we don’t offer practice questions or flashcards. However, you’ll want to read this guide to become familiar with the role of this test section in your assessment and what is expected of you as you answer these questions.

Our study guides should have familiarized you with the format and typical content of the Postal Service Exam™. Your comments and questions are always important to us, so reach out through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube and let us know what you think! We also look for email at [email protected]