Free Practice Tests for the Postal Service Exam™

While you won’t know exactly what will be on the actual test, our free practice questions Postal Service Exam™ can give you a little experience with the type of questions you will need to answer. Then, when you take the actual test, you won’t be surprised and can concentrate on finding the answers as quickly as possible. This is important because time can definitely be a factor during this testing experience.

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Address Checking

Ever wonder how the mail actually gets to the correct address? Well, here’s a skill that contributes to that success: checking addresses for errors in address and ZIP Code™. There are 60 items in this section, and only 11 minutes allotted, so time will definitely be a factor. This would allow only about 11 seconds per question, but you are not expected to finish all of them. To achieve the best score possible, you’ll want to skip any questions that stump you and move on to ones that seem easier. Doing this successfully requires keeping careful track of which numbered question you are doing and marking the appropriate space on the answer sheet. There is a penalty of ⅓ point per incorrect answer, so random guessing is discouraged.


The Coding and Memory section of the Postal Exam™ is given in two parts: Coding first, then Memory. This is the Coding section of practice questions and it is given first. For the 36 questions, you’ll have 6 minutes (or about 10 seconds per item) to look up the correct code for addresses on a list provided.

Both of these sections have penalties for guessing with ⅓ point being subtracted for each wrong answer. Also, neither of these two sections is expected to be completed in the time limit.

Forms Completion

U.S. Postal Service™ workers must also fill out many forms and read completed forms for information. This section of the test assesses your ability to do both. You will determine which details belong in certain boxes on a form and extract information from such documents. Success with these questions requires careful reading and good comprehension of terms typically used on forms. Please note that there is no penalty for guessing on these questions, so try to mark an answer for all of them. You should have plenty of time to finish this section, since there are only 30 questions to be completed in 15 minutes.


One section of the Postal Exam™ is given in two parts: Coding and Memory. These are practice questions for the second part of the Coding and Memory test: Memory. You will perform the same type of task as in the Coding section (matching addresses to a list of codes), but without the aid of the code list you used for that section. The code list is the same as that used for the Coding questions and you will be given 3 minutes to memorize the list of codes before beginning to answer the Memory questions. During this 3-minute period, you cannot take notes, but you may write notes while you are answering the Memory questions.

Just like the Coding test, the Memory test contains 36 items and has a penalty for guessing that subtracts ⅓ of a point for every wrong answer, and you are not expected to complete all of the questions in the 7 minutes allowed. This allows about 12 seconds per question, if you complete all of them.

We hope you are more comfortable with the kind of questions you’ll see on the Postal Service Exam™ and that you’ve had a chance to practice your skills in preparation for the test. We’d love to hear about your practice and testing experiences, so hit us up on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Even better, write us a note at [email protected] and tell us about it!