Free Practice Tests for the Postal Service Exam™

These practice questions have been revised to cover the Postal Service Exams™ #474, 475, 476, and 477 which are the tests now used for Post Office job applications (since April 1, 2019). Any preparation you find elsewhere for test #473 is now useless as that test is no longer given.

It’s hard to practice for some of the sections of the newly revised Postal Service Exams™, since your answers will depend on your unique personality. However, your score on two of the sections could be increased with practice on those specific skills. Check out these free practice questions so that you’re not surprised on test day and feel comfortable with your calculations and decisions. Also, be sure to look through our study guides about all sections for important information. We also have flashcards for the two sections for which practice would help.

About the Postal Service Exam™

Check for Errors

This section is only included in Postal Service Exams™ #475 and 476. It involves looking at a pair of eight-digit numbers and determining if they are exactly alike or different in any way. It doesn’t matter how many differences there are between the two numbers, so once you find one difference, you’ll know to select “Error” and not “Match” for your answer. On the actual test, there are twelve questions that should take you about 2 minutes to complete, but you are highly encouraged to work as quickly as possible. Our practice questions will be in a slightly different format than the ones on the actual test, but will still give you practice matching numbers. You can use our flashcards for this section to practice the actual “Match” or “Error” answering format used on the test.

Work Your Register

This section is only present on the Postal Service Exam™ #477 and only contains three questions. In each of the questions, you will be presented with a sample purchase total, the amount of money given to the clerk, and the total of the change needed. Your job will be to determine the coins and bills needed to produce the correct change using the least number of bills and coins. It is expected that completion of this section will take you about 2 minutes. While all sections of the test encourage you to work quickly, for this group of questions, the instructions indicate that speed might be to your advantage for scoring. While we cannot provide the exact testing experience with our practice questions (see our Work Your Register study guide and flashcards for more assistance), we can give you practice in the tested skill.

We hope these questions have helped you become more confident in the areas they cover. Maybe they helped you assess your need for further practice, as well. We wish you the best as you test to find the perfect Post Office job. Let us know how your experience was through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. We’d also love to hear from you by email at, so shoot us a note!