Free Flashcards for the Postal Service Exam™

Much of the Postal Service Exam™ requires a quick eye. Get some extra practice with some of the test skills with our free flashcards for the Postal Service Exam™ and round out the study process. They can be a fun way to review quickly and be sure you are ready for test day.

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Address Checking

These flashcards were designed to give you a little extra practice seeing errors in addresses in preparation for this section of the Postal Service Exam™. They are not in the same format as the questions, but you’ll be challenged to spot errors quickly just like in the exam. As you go through them, work as quickly as possible and see if you’re correct!


Your main enemy in the Coding part of the Postal Service Exam is time. In preparation to make the best use of the 10 seconds given for each question, these flashcards will help you practice noting number ranges and street names quickly. As you work through the cards, emphasize speed as well as accuracy as you choose an answer. You can also use these flashcards multiple times and try to increase your speed.


The Memory section of the Postal Service Exam™ will tax your ability to remember names of streets and number ranges. And, you’ll have to do this quickly.To help hone those memory skills, these flashcards will help you work from memory only, as you flip to the back of the card to actually see the question. The answer to the first 14 questions will be at the top of the flashcard that follows it.

Hopefully, our flashcards for the Postal Service Exam™ have helped you gain confidence before taking the test. Please tell us how they worked for you and all about your testing experience through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Or drop us an email at [email protected] when you have a chance. We’d love to hear from you!