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Postal Service Exam

These flashcards cover Postal Service Exams 475, 476, and 477, which are three of the tests used for Post Office job applications. Please note that we cannot provide flashcard practice for test 474 as that test only contains the three subjective sections in which there are no “correct” answers.

These flashcards should provide you with additional practice on skills related to a particular section of the Postal Service Exam. Use them to support your preparation for the test and be sure to access the study guide we provide for each section. It will give you valuable information and make you more comfortable when it’s time to test.

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Table of Contents

Sections of the Postal Service Exam

Check for Errors

These flashcards will provide you with just the extra practice you need for this section of the Postal Service Exams #475 and 476, which both contain the section, “Check for Errors.” Practice doing these as quickly as possible, as, while there is no time limit on any of the new post office tests, faster performance on this section may mean a higher score

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Work Your Register

These flashcards are designed to give you more practice making change using the fewest bills and coins, as is required on the Postal Service Test #477. It would probably be a good idea to have the following written on paper 15 times so you can record your answers before checking the back of each flashcard. Another option would be to use a wipe-off board.

$20– $10– $5– $1–
$0.25– $0.10– $0.05– $0.01–
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