Is Postal Service Work Right for You?

Is Postal Service Work Right for You?

When considering a career in the postal service, you will find that there are many key benefits. As federal employees, there are many enticements that come with this career, but there are also some huge challenges that postal workers face. While clerks and processors work indoors, mail carriers (who comprise over 60% of postal service employees) can face extreme weather and temperature conditions, among other things. However, for the right person, it can be a perfect career match—especially for those who may possess these traits:

  1. Attention to Detail—Individuals who are keen to notice even small errors will find that this ability is a strong asset when working for the postal service.

  2. Dependability—Postal workers often work 6 days a week, rain or shine. There are few things as reliable as receiving the mail, which means a good postal worker must have a high level of reliability.

  3. Stamina—Regardless of what position you take on at the postal service, they almost all require repetitive movements for extended periods of time. Those who have strong physical stamina will find this easier than those who do not.

  4. Honesty—Delivering mail often involves handling important and personal documents for individuals. A great postal worker is someone who always acts with honesty, integrity, and ethics.

  5. Service Skills—Customer service plays a part in all postal service positions, to a greater or lesser extent, which means that those individuals who have great communication skills, a cooperative attitude, and the ability to handle stressful customer interaction will excel in this field.

  6. Independence—Employment with the postal service often means that there is little supervision. The right people in this field are those who know how to manage their own time, take the initiative to complete all tasks, and are flexible enough to know how to respond in situations where a supervisor may not be accessible.

Employment with the postal service can be an excellent career for some individuals, but for those without the right skill set, the job and its tasks may be incredibly frustrating. However, if you have many or all of the traits listed above, you may find that a career in the postal service is very rewarding.

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