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Free Study Guides for the NCLEX-PN® Exam

We’re sure it feels like you’ve been in class and studying forever, and now there’s another test to prepare for! Where in the world do you start? Well, begin by looking over our FREE Study Guides for the NCLEX-PN® test and see what you remember from class. Go over anything that still gives you trouble, and be sure to use our practice questions and flashcards to check your progress. You can do this!

Basic Care and Comfort

Just what is involved in a PN’s basic care and comfort responsibilities and how can they be carried out in the way most helpful and safe for the patient? This study guide will tell you about the most important concepts in this area of nursing. You should seek additional information about anything that still puzzles you.

Coordinated Care

Just how do you, as a PN, help to provide “coordinated care” for patients? This study guide reviews the concepts you need to know on this topic. If there are any about which you are still uncertain, you’ll need to access other resources to learn more about them, but this study guide will outline what you should study and give you some basic information. Be sure to check out our practice questions and flashcards to check your knowledge, too.

Health Promotion and Maintenance

Many actions can be taken, or avoided, to promote and maintain a person’s health. You’ll need to know all of these before taking the NCLEX-PN® test, so use this study guide to inform your practice. We’ll give you the basics, but be sure to consult other sources for more information on things you still have questions about.

Pharmacological Therapies

There is so much to know about pharmaceuticals before you are entitled to become a PN. Use this study guide to find out exactly what those things are and help guide in your study of this area before taking the NCLEX-PN® test. If there are still concepts that confuse you, be sure to access further information about them.

Physiological Adaptation

Many of your tasks as a PN will involve a strong working knowledge of how the body works and things you can do to maximize its abilities, even with patients whose functions are limited. This study guide outlines the major concepts and practices you’ll need to know before the NCLEX-PN test. Then, if you need more information, you’ll know what to search for.

Psychosocial Integrity

Mental health enters every facet of our lives and healthcare is no different. This study guide will outline the types of things you need to know about maintaining psychosocial integrity before you take the NCLEX-PN® test. Be sure to do further research and study on any topics with which you have trouble and check out our practice questions and flashcards to check your progress.

Reduction of Risk Potential

Anyone in healthcare would prefer to avoid a hazard and knowing how is a key to providing good care. This study guide outlines the most important things to know about the reduction of risk potential. You should seek additional information on any ideas you still find puzzling before taking the NCLEX-PN® test.

Safety and Infection Control

Knowing the best practices for controlling safety and infection in a medical setting can be a key to patient improvement and treatment success. This study guide outlines the major concepts you should know before attempting questions in this area on the test. If there are any areas that still give you trouble, be sure to find more information on them in other resources. Also, check out our practice questions and flashcards to test your knowledge.

Hopefully, our study guides for the NCLEX-PN® have helped guide your preparation for the test, and we certainly wish you the best of luck on it! Please let us hear how your studying and test day went through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can also send us an email at We’d love to hear from you!