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Free Flashcards for the NCLEX-PN® Exam

So much to study and so many terms! And many of them sound confusingly similar! Get a foot up on some of the vocabulary that might appear on the NCLEX-PN® test by using these FREE flashcards as a quick and fun way to supplement your study. They’re also good for a quick review later on, as test day approaches, so dig in!

Basic Care and Comfort

The most basic things you do for and with patients form the foundation of their healthcare. Check out these flashcards to see how much you know about this area of PN responsibilities.

Coordinated Care

A big part of successful and effective patient care relies on the ability of the medical team to work together, each handling his or her own tasks and responsibilities. This is “coordinated care” and you can use these flashcards to review some important terms and concepts include in this type of question on the test.

Health Promotion and Maintenance

There are certain things everyone can do to maximize their chances for a healthy life. This may include actions in certain situations, as well as things to do to maintain their health over time. Use these flashcards to see what you know about the terms and concepts involved in health promotion and maintenance.

Pharmacological Therapies

Part of your job as a PN will involve administering medication in certain settings. Use these flashcards to bone up on some of the important terms you should know before the NCLEX-PN® test.

Physiological Adaptation

The human body is a miraculous thing but a great deal of knowledge is required to keep it in good working order. Check out your knowledge of some of the most important terms involved in physiological adaptation by using these flashcards before the test.

Psychosocial Integrity

A great number of the things you do as a PN will involve knowledge of some basic psychological principles. Check out these flashcards to see which terms and concepts you know and with which you may need more practice.

Reduction of Risk Potential

It’s way better to avoid a catastrophe than deal with one, so review what you know about the reduction of risk by using these flashcards. They’re a quick and helpful way to see how many terms and ideas you can remember before the test.

Safety and Infection Control

When you participate in healthcare of a patient, the last thing you want to do is cause further problems by neglecting basic safety and infection-control practices. Use these flashcards to check your knowledge of some of the most important terms involved in safety and infection control.

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