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Coordinated Care

10 topics

  1. Working as a Team
  2. Using Information Technology
  3. Paperwork
  4. Improving Performance and Quality
  5. Managing Resources
  6. Delivering Care
  7. Care Plans
  8. Referrals and Continuity of Care
  9. Legal Concerns
  10. Client Rights

Psychosocial Integrity

15 topics

  1. Abuse and Neglect: Domestic
  2. Chemical and Other Dependencies
  3. Client Behavior and Behavior Changes
  4. Client Education and Response
  5. Language, Religious, and Spiritual Differences
  6. Behavioral Management
  7. Abuse and Neglect: Child and Senior
  8. Cultural Awareness
  9. Grief, Loss, and End-of-Life Care
  10. Support Systems
  11. Coping Assistance
  12. The LPN’s Role in Mental Health Cases
  13. Therapeutic Techniques
  14. Therapeutic Communication and Environment
  15. Crisis Intervention

Safety and Infection Control

10 topics

  1. Communicable Diseases
  2. Emergency Response Plan
  3. Safe Use of Restraints
  4. Other Safety Practices
  5. General Precautions
  6. Hand Hygiene
  7. Reporting Incidents
  8. Preventing Healthcare Errors
  9. Preventing Client Injuries
  10. Specific Precautions

Reduction of Risk Potential

10 topics

  1. Therapeutic Procedures
  2. Complications from Surgery
  3. Laboratory Values: Part 1
  4. Monitoring for Prenatal Clients, Circulation, and Neurological Issues
  5. Monitoring for Elimination and Activity Level
  6. Vital Signs
  7. Laboratory Values: Part 2
  8. LPN Lab Procedures and Responsibilities
  9. Diagnostic Tests
  10. Complications from Tests, Treatments, and Procedures

Basic Care and Comfort

10 topics

  1. Assistive Device Use for Mobility
  2. Nutrition and Hydration
  3. Appropriate Exercises and Support
  4. Other Assistive Devices
  5. Palliative Care and Comfort
  6. Personal Hygiene
  7. Elimination
  8. Mobility and Immobility
  9. Comfort Interventions
  10. Rest and Sleep

Health Promotion and Maintenance

15 topics

  1. Care During Pregnancy and Labor
  2. Client Assessment
  3. Family Planning and Sexuality
  4. Risky Behavior Types
  5. Client Education About Lifestyle Choices
  6. Client Self-Care
  7. Preventing Disease
  8. Other Prevention Strategies
  9. Postpartum Care: The Mother
  10. Using Data
  11. Knowing Developmental Stages
  12. Using Developmental Stages in Care
  13. Educating Clients
  14. Transitioning to the Next Developmental Stage
  15. Postpartum Care: The Baby

Pharmacological Therapies

10 topics

  1. Basic Medication Administration
  2. Expected Medication Outcomes
  3. Helping Clients with Medication
  4. Other Medication Effects
  5. Medication Knowledge
  6. Medication and Clients: Documentation
  7. Preparing Medication
  8. Medication and Clients: Observation
  9. Routes of Medication Administration
  10. Pain Management

Physiological Adaptation

10 topics

  1. LPN Responsibilities
  2. Unexpected Therapy Response
  3. Signs and Symptoms of Body System Changes
  4. Monitoring for Body System Changes
  5. Common Devices and Equipment
  6. Other Monitoring and Intervention: Part 1
  7. Other Monitoring and Intervention: Part 2
  8. Intravenous (IV) Line Infiltration
  9. Emergency Care Procedures
  10. Emergency Notification, Documentation, and Client Education

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