Help with Math Basics

Help with Math Basics

Are numbers and calculations just among your strong suits? Do you cringe when you have to deal with this stuff? It’s time to change that. Union Test Prep can help you out of this number funk. It’s totally free—we promise!

What Is the Math Basics Test?

Math Basics at Union Test Prep is not a test at all. It is actually just help with many aspects of basic math and it’s an original Union Test Prep creation. It’s designed to help people fill in the gaps in their math education. It doesn’t matter why those gaps are there, we want to fill them in to help you feel more confident and be more capable during required math activities, such as test-taking.

Do You Need Math Basics?

Well, you might—no matter how many degrees you have or classes you’ve taken. Math remains a puzzle for many folks who are quite advanced in other areas. Maybe you excel at writing but just can’t seem to think mathematically. Or perhaps your family moved around a lot. Math instruction tends to be sequential and gaps can be created when you move from school to school and the schools are not covering concepts in the same sequence. Also, unfortunately, all teachers are not created equal. Some are better at explaining math than others, or are simply more capable of reaching their students in a meaningful way. Whatever the cause, if math makes you a little crazy, check out Math Basics.

How Can Math Basics Make a Difference?

We have taken the most basic math skills and broken them down in a logical manner. You learn the easier stuff first and then apply it to more complicated tasks. You can pick from eight concept areas to study, dealing only with things that give you trouble, or try them all, just to be sure. For each area, there is a study guide, practice questions, and flashcards to help you learn and apply that learning. And all of this was written by a professional math teacher who is a whiz at making math understandable, in conjunction with a National Board Certified professional educator who is an expert in the process of learning. So, you get the best of presentation and content.

What Areas of Math Are Covered?

Math Basics provides study materials in the following areas, listed here in approximate order of difficulty:

Numbers and Operations
Word Problems
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Basic Algebra
Data Analysis and Statistics
Advanced Basics

So, if improving math skills is on your bucket list, or if you’d like to add it, check us out: Union Test Prep’s Free Math Basics Test.

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