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Exam information

What you need to know about the Math Basics

Actually, there is no test titled “Math Basics.” This “test” is Union Test Prep’s effort to provide support material in the area of basic math. Math Basics can be used for several purposes:

  • as a resource as you review for another test that contains at least one math section
  • to access further practice in math areas in which you struggle
  • to solidify your understanding of basic math before moving on to higher levels
  • to supplement current math instruction through the early high school level
  • to gain understanding of math concepts and processes that you may not have had
  • during your school years—things you can use at work and in daily life
  • to finally realize the truth in our statement, “You, TOO, can do math!”

The study guides for this test explain the (sometimes mysterious) ways of math in an easily understood manner. Then, you can check your understanding by using the practice questions and flashcards. You can even try the questions before using the study guide, just to get an idea of where you stand now.

We’ve divided Basic Math into eight sections so you can focus on the skills you need:

  • Numbers and Operations
  • Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Algebra (Basic)
  • Word Problems
  • “Advanced Basics”
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Exam facts

Answers to all your questions about the Math Basics

Table of Contents

What are the costs?

There is absolutely no cost for these materials—study guides, questions, and flashcards. They are free for you to use and return to anytime, for more practice and understanding.

What should I bring?

All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer to access our Math Basics materials. Then, the sky’s the limit! You may want to sign up for that higher-level math course after all!

How is it scored?

With our practice questions and flashcards, you can keep up with your progress and try sets of questions again, once you’ve reread the study guide or practiced a bit more.

What kind of job can I get?

There’s hardly a job out there that doesn’t require some sort of math knowledge and/or skill. Even if there is no math in the job description, employers expect a certain amount of math fluency in most occupations. And with today’s increased emphasis on technology, these expectations can only increase. So, even if you’re not in a math-infused field, you’ll need to know the basics.

Am I eligible?

Anyone, anywhere can access the Math Basics test. It’s there for you!

Why does it matter?

For some reason, math seems to scare many people. Maybe you weren’t great at math in school. But just maybe you need it to be explained differently. Give us a try and you may find that math concepts no longer keep you from a higher capability at work or in school. Math is a vitally important part of work, school, and life…so master more of it!

What salary can I expect?

If you think that you can’t possibly achieve a math competency level that would support higher-level math study, you might want to reconsider and give math another try. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the 15 jobs with the highest earning potential all require math skills. Solely being a “mathematician” can net you an average of over $108,000 a year. And there are many other occupations that only require some math with equally attractive salary ranges.

When is it available?

Anytime you need some math support or a question answered, we are here for you! We’d love to help you learn to not cringe when the word math is spoken and be more secure in finding solutions to math-related questions, instead. This “test” will be linked in our other math study materials, as well.

How much time is allowed?

You can work on your math any time you have a free minute. The sections can all be done one at a time or you can zero in only on the topics that give you trouble. Did you say, “Ewwww, fractions”? Take a look at our stuff before totally giving up on math!

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