Free Practice Tests for the Math Basics

So, you’d like to see where you stand in terms of math skill. Here’s your chance! You can try these free Math Basics practice questions before reading the study guide for each section and then try them again afterward to see your progress.

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Data Analysis and Statistics

We’ll admit, just the title of this section sounds a bit scary. Isn’t this stuff just for math junkies? There are very high-level courses in data analysis and statistics, but it isn’t all that hard. Basically, data analysis and statistics involves using graphs, charts, and other presentations of numbers to learn more about something. Probability (think “What are the chances of winning the lottery?”) is also included in this section, as are terms like mean, median, and mode. It can actually be kind of fun when you know the language and the tricks…really!

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

If there were only whole numbers, math would be a lot simpler. But, since whole numbers can’t tell you what portion of a pizza is left or help you figure out the discount price of that on-sale item, we must resort to fractions, decimals, and percents. This section goes through all of these, from the definition and meaning to methods to use in problem-solving.


From shapes to lines to finding volume and area, geometry covers a lot of ground. This section will assess your skills in the geometry basics you need to know. Using formulas to find answers is covered, as are basic rules for dealing with geometric figures and proofs. So, if terms like theorem and congruent make you want to hide, working through this section should help you fight that urge.

Numbers and Operations

There are real numbers, rational numbers, integers, and several other varieties. Then, there are rules governing what you can and cannot do with them—basic guidelines for how numbers work. We’ll go over all of these rules and review techniques on how to perform the four basic operations and actually get the right answer. So, if you never “got” long division, this is where your explanation would be.

We hope these practice questions helped you to assess your math progress and that you plan to either move on to another section or seek additional review and practice. Please let us know how we helped through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest. We’d love to hear about your experience!