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Free Flashcards for the Math Basics

Sometimes the hardest part of a test question is one single term—one that you don’t understand. Keep this frustration out of your testing experience by reviewing important math terms with these free Math Basics flashcards and be ready for that test or just for using math in daily life.

Advanced Basics

Practice some of those “scary”-sounding terms and procedures involved in the latter parts of Algebra I and, perhaps, that course won’t seem so daunting. Once you know what the terms mean, you can learn how to work with them and increase your math skills and knowledge. Study on!

Basic Algebra

There are lots of little terms and procedures to remember when working with Algebra. These flashcards will help you remember some of the most important ones.

Data Analysis and Statistics

Sometimes, just hearing terms like “interpolate” and “standard deviation” can make this area of math seem impossible, but once you know their meaning, part of the mystery is solved. Go through these flashcards to boost your data analysis and statistics competency and to find out where you might need more practice.

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Improper fraction, hundredths place, reduce the fraction…so many terms and processes! Use these flashcards to review some of the most useful vocabulary and procedures that will help you tame those problems that deal with fractions, decimals, and percents. This should greatly reduce your fear of dealing with numbers that aren’t “whole.”


If you have trouble when someone assumes you know what a hypotenuse is or you flinch when you see the words, “Find the volume of…” on a test, these flashcards may be able to help. They review important terms associated with geometry and help you practice recalling formulas to use in tackling geometry-related questions on a test.


Do measurement questions on tests drive you a little crazy? How many inches in 3 yards? What’s the metric unit for measuring mass? Just how warm is 100 degrees Celsius? And so on. Well, we have a little review of some of those terms right here. Be sure to check out our study guide and practice questions on measurement, too!

Numbers and Operations

When doing math, it’s really important to understand the meaning of all of those little terms and these flashcards will help you review some of the most important ones related to basic numbers and operations. Also, check out our Numbers and Operations study guide and practice questions for even more help.

Word Problems

Word problems can be really confusing! It helps if you are familiar with the terms used and know which ones signal different operations. Information about how to correctly set up a problem is also very valuable. Review these things with these flashcards and simplify the whole process.

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