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Free Practice Tests for the HiSET® Test

You’ve made a commitment to your future by working toward your high school equivalency by studying for the HiSET® test and we can help you pass! These free practice questions for the HiSET® test will help you prepare! Start now to open up those job and further educational opportunities by studying hard and passing! We’re with you all the way!

Language Arts: Reading

This section of the HiSET® test contains 40 questions about passages, 60% of which are literary texts and the remaining 40% are informational in nature. The passages range in length from 400 to 600 words and may include passage pairs on the same topic and/or samples of poetry. Graphs and other visual references may also be included. Questions about the passages assess comprehension, inference/interpretation, analysis skills, and synthesis/generalization abilities.

Language Arts: Writing

The HiSET® Language Arts—Writing test is made up of two parts: a 50-question multiple-choice section and a one-question essay section. The multiple-choice questions ask you to use your knowledge of good writing practices—organization, language facility, and writing conventions—to revise previously written text. The essay you write will be evaluated in terms of subject development, organization, language facility, and writing conventions.

On the actual multiple-choice portion of the test, you will have entire passages in a box to read first. Then, the page will be divided with the passage text repeated in the left column, in a “stretched-out” format, and the questions in the right column, beside the passage part in question.

We can only provide simple multiple-choice questions and a clickable reference passage, but we have inserted the appropriate passage part into each question, for easy reference. You can always access the entire passage, as well, by clicking on the Read Text button.

To answer the multiple-choice questions, you are directed to find the answer that addresses these things:

  • grammar
  • clear expression
  • style and purpose of the writing
  • most effective organization

Note these things:

  • There may be errors in the passage that are not addressed by any question. Just ignore them. It will be this way in the actual test, as well.
  • There may be one or more errors to be corrected in any one question. Read the answer choices carefully to make an appropriate choice.

Our practice questions provide five to seven questions for each passage. You will be directed to read the entire passage before attempting the first question about that passage. The passage will also be available to you, for reference, in every question about it.


There are 50 questions posed in the HiSET® Mathematics test, dealing with concepts related to four areas of mathematics, in approximately these percentages:

  • Numbers and Operations (19%)
  • Measurement and Geometry (18%)
  • Data Analysis, Probability, and Statistics (18%)
  • Algebraic Concepts (45%)

The questions will also assess skills in three categories of mathematical processes:

  • Understanding Concepts and Procedures
  • Analyzing and Interpreting Information
  • Synthesizing Data and Solving Problems

This test is described as “calculator neutral,” which means that calculators are not automatically provided and you may not bring your own. However, if a student requests a calculator, the testing site must provide either a four-function or scientific calculator, so you’ll need to refer to state standards for specific information.

A formula sheet will be provided for your use during the test, but it will not include these three formulas, so you should memorize and understand them before test day: the distance formula, the Pythagorean theorem, and the quadratic formula.


You will be presented with 50 multiple-choice questions on the HiSET® Science test. Most of them require you to consider some sort of stimulus (graph, report, or other information) when searching for the correct answer. Topics include material from the areas of life, physical, and Earth sciences. Questions may ask you to evaluate procedures and conclusions in experiments described or to design an experiment to satisfy a hypothesis. You will also be required to apply the scientific skills of interpretation/application, analysis, and evaluation/generalization.

Social Studies

The 50 multiple-choice questions on the HiSET® Social Studies test include concepts from four fields of study, in about the listed representation:

  • History (35%)
  • Civics/Government (35%)
  • Economics (20%)
  • Geography (10%)

In addition, you must use the skills of interpretation, application, analysis, evaluation, and generalization to find the correct answers.

We know any test-taking can be nerve-racking, but we hope our free practice questions for the HiSET® test have helped you prepare and given you added confidence. Please let us know how preparing and testing goes for you and how we can help further. Contact us through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Or, drop us an email at