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Just knowing what to study is a huge part of successfully preparing for a test and the HiSET is no exception. Our free study guides for the HiSET outline all of the topics you’ll need to cover to pass each section of the test. Then, you will be able to focus on things that give you the most trouble and have a much better chance of passing the first time!

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Sections of the HiSET Test

Language Arts: Reading

The HiSET Language Arts—Reading Test assesses your ability to read both literary and informational material with understanding and the skills necessary to analyze the text you have read. Use this Language Arts: Reading study guide to review critical reading skills as you prepare for the test.

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Language Arts: Writing

You will need to accomplish two very related tasks on the HiSET Writing Test and this study guide can help you prepare for both of them. When you answer the mulitple-choice questions on the test, you’ll need to know the basics of good writing so you can spot errors and properly correct them. Then, as you write your own essay, you’ll apply these same writing basics to your composition. Study the things in this Langue Arts: Writing study guide and be ready for both sections!

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Math is a broad area of study and a great deal of content is covered in the various high school math courses. This Mathematics study guide will give you some idea of which important ideas and procedures you’ll need to know before taking the HiSET Mathematics Test.

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For this test, you will not be required to remember every single thing from all of your high school science courses, but a basic understanding of the three basic science areas, life, Earth, and physical, will be helpful. This Science study guide should give you an outline of what you need to know before you take the HiSET Test.

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Social Studies

The area of Social Studies is so incredibly broad that it would be impossible to list every single concept covered by this test. However, you can get a good idea of the areas in which you need to be knowledgeable by using this Social Studies study guide. We’ll give you some basic concept knowledge and list particularly important areas for further study.

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We hope our free study guides for the HiSET have given you a framework for your studies. We also hope that you have a hugely successful testing experience. Please let us know about this through Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and X. Or, shoot us an email at and let us know how we helped and what more we could do.