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Free Flashcards for the HiSET® Test

Sometimes, it’s just the tiny, but troublesome, terms that stand in your way of understanding a test question and finding the correct answer. Don’t let them! Access our free flashcards for the HiSET® test and give yourself a head start. We’ll review some of those terms and definitions that would otherwise stump you on test day.

Language Arts: Reading

It’s hard to answer a question if you’re unsure of a term used in it. Here are 15 terms and other reading-type things you might need to know before taking the HiSET® Reading Test. You never know when some of them will come in handy on test day!

Language Arts: Writing

We know that, sometimes, it doesn’t seem like much emphasis is given to correct spelling, but you will be tested on spelling in the HiSET® Language Arts—Writing Test. Therefore, we thought we’d hand you a little extra practice. Use these flashcards to review some of the most commonly-made spelling mistakes.


With multiple math classes behind you, it’s hard to remember all of those terms and procedures. We know that! That’s what these flashcards are for: to help you review some of the most important ones so that a question doesn’t trip you up. You can find even more of them online by searching for “high school math.” Review and remember!


If all of the terms involved in science studies confuse you, take a few minutes to refresh your memory with these flashcards. That way, you’ll lessen the likelihood of confusion on test day, and can give your best response to the questions.

Social Studies

Terms and ideas from the vast area of Social Studies are easily confused and it’s so hard to remember all of them and their significance. Check out these flashcards to help beef up your Social Studies vocabulary and understanding before the test!

It is our hope that these flashcards have helped to put things in clearer focus as you prepare for the HiSET® test and that you have a great test-day experience. Let us know about it through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube or write us at We’d love to hear from you!