What Is the CompTIA A+ Core Series® Exam?

What Is the CompTIA A+ Core Series® Exam?

This exam has replaced the old CompTIA A+® certification exam which is no longer administered. If you desire CompTIA A+ certification, this is the exam you should be studying for. Be sure any study materials you use have the words “Core Series” in the title. If not, you may be spending valuable study time reviewing concepts that are no longer tested and terms that are no longer used.

When Did This Happen?

Beginning in July 2019, the test called the ComTIA A+ Certification Exam was retired and the new test, called the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam, replaced it. So, any person attempting to certify since June 2019 has been given the new test.

Why the Change?

You probably realize that the information technology world is changing rapidly. Since the creation of the previous test, for example, there has been an increased reliance on mobile technology and dependence on the “cloud.” These topics and many other advances have been added to the tested material so that your certification addresses all currently used technologies. CompTIA revises its tests about every three years to keep up with all of the changes.

Has the Whole Test Changed?

No. There are still two separate tests, but they have different numbers. There are also many parts of the content tested previously that are still covered in the new test. But new concepts have been added and the study materials have been rearranged to more effectively cover what you currently need to know. Check out the following paragraphs for details.

How Is the Organization Different?

First, the new tests are numbered 1001 and 1002, instead of 901 and 902.

Secondly, the content division has been updated. Here is a comparison between the old and new tests:

Old Tests

1.0 Hardware
2.0 Networking
3.0 Mobile Devices
4.0 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

1.0 Windows Operating Systems
2.0 Other Operating Systems and Technologies
3.0 Security
4.0 Software Troubleshooting
5.0 Operational Procedures

New Tests

1.0 Mobile Devices
2.0 Networking
3.0 Hardware
4.0 Virtualization and Cloud Computing
5.0 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

1.0 Operating Systems
2.0 Security
3.0 Software Troubleshooting
4.0 Operational Procedures

What Does This Mean for Me?

While using old study materials designed for the 901 and 902 tests isn’t a total waste of time, you’ll more effectively prepare by seeking current prep resources, like Union Test Prep’s CompTIA A+ Core Series resources. All sections are now complete with our CompTIA A+ study guides, CompTIA A+ practice tests, and CompTIA A+ flashcards to help you thoroughly review and test your skills. This way, you can do all of your preparation using totally up-to-date materials!

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