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Free Flashcards for the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam

So many terms…so little time! If that’s how you feel while studying for this test, try our free flashcards for the CompTIA A+ Core Series certification tests. They should help you tame all those terms and fully understand their use and importance.

1001 Hardware

So many parts, so little time! We’re sure you’re feeling this way while preparing for this test, so use these flashcards to ease your load. See how much you already know, then use them again to review what you don’t.

1001 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

Knowing the right language to use when attempting to troubleshoot can mean the difference between success and continued problems. Review some of the most important related terms with these flashcards.

1001 Mobile Devices

You’ll find that there is an overload of terms involved in all content areas of the CompTIA A+ Core Series tests and the area of mobile devices is certainly no exception. Use these flashcards to refine your ability to use important mobile device terms accurately and understand them when they are used in questions and answers on the tests.

1001 Networking

Knowing about Networking involves being fluent in the language needed. Use these flashcards to review some of the most important terms you’ll encounter, both on the test and in your work that involves networking procedures.

1001 Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and virtualization are assuming an increasingly significant space in the IT world today. This brings in a whole other set of vocabulary words and terms you need to know. Let these flashcards help you review all those new-to-you words for a complete understanding of this growing area of technology.

1002 Operating Systems

There are so many terms to know concerning operating systems and these flashcards will help you review the most important ones. Be sure to study others defined in our study guide for this section, as well.

1002 Operational Procedures

You will run into quite a few terms and acronyms when dealing with operational procedures Use these flashcards to keep them straight and know what you are talking about with both associates and customers. This practice will also help you succeed with operational procedure questions on the CompTIA A+ Core Series 1002 test.

1002 Security

Security with regard to IT is loaded with terms and vocabulary that may not be in everyday usage elsewhere, so it’s good to review some of them before taking this test. Use these flashcards to be sure you’re up-to-date in their proper usage.

1002 Software Troubleshooting

There are many terms and procedures related to software and keeping it running optimally. Check out these flashcards as you review for the CompTIA A+ Core Exam® and be ready to tackle the software troubleshooting questions on the 1002 test.

Hopefully, using these flashcards has helped solidify your knowledge of some of the important terms covered on the CompTIA A+ Core Series exams. Let us hear how the studying and testing went for you by reaching out on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. There’s also an email option—just send it to