Free Flashcards for the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam

So many terms…so little time! If that’s how you feel while studying for this test, try our free flashcards for the CompTIA A+ Core Series certification tests. They should help you tame all those terms and fully understand their use and importance.

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1001 Mobile Devices

You’ll find that there is an overload of terms involved in all content areas of the CompTIA A+ Core Series tests and the area of mobile devices is certainly no exception. Use these flashcards to refine your ability to use important mobile device terms accurately and understand them when they are used in questions and answers on the tests.

1001 Networking

Knowing about Networking involves being fluent in the language needed. Use these flashcards to review some of the most important terms you’ll encounter, both on the test and in your work that involves networking procedures.

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