Free Practice Tests for the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam

Before you tackle the latest version of the CompTIA A+ (the Core Series) exam, you should practice answering the types of questions you might see on it. Many of them require you to examine a situation and make a decision, using everything you know about IT procedures and concepts. Give it a try with these free practice questions for the CompTIA A+ Core Series exam and see where you stand with regard to preparation for the test.

1001 Hardware

Cables, connectors, RAM, and storage—just a few of the concepts you’ll be required to fully understand and work with when answering questions about hardware on this test. Many of the questions will ask you to envision a situation and recommend a “fix” or procedure that will help solve a problem. This section also covers printers and other devices and the questions about this section make up about 27% of the 1001 test.

1001 Hardware and Network Troubleshooting

About 27% of the test 1001 questions relate to these areas and they all will likely involve a “scenario” and ask for your suggestion to improve the situation, whether it is related to problems with the hardware, the network, or both. Wired or wireless, desktops or small devices, you’ll need to be able to troubleshoot them all.

1001 Mobile Devices

Test questions about this content will cover all mobile technology, from laptops to cell phones and everything in between. You’ll need to know about synchronizing devices and giving support to folks whose device has suddenly started acting “weird.” About 14% of the questions on the 1001 test will be about this content, which also covers all the accessories used with such devices and how to apply them to best advantage.

1001 Networking

Whether it’s a wired or wireless network, an IT professional needs to know everything about it and how to keep it functioning properly. Test questions about networking content will occupy about 20% of the 1001 test and will cover a myriad of topics, including configurations, hosts, connection types, and helpful tools to use. Of course, security concepts are also threaded throughout these questions.

1001 Virtualization and Cloud Computing

There isn’t a lengthy list of terms to learn in this area of test preparation, but it’s really important that you understand the ones that are involved. Only about 12% of the 1001 test is about this topic, but virtualization is a big deal in today’s computer world, and cloud use is relied upon in many industries. There are also numerous requirements to keep in mind when dealing with virtualization and cloud computing.

1002 Operating Systems

Instead of dividing Windows and other operating systems, these questions deal with a wide variety of systems and include their installation and maintenance. You’ll need to know all about the capabilities of the systems and tools they feature. It’s also important to know which type of system may be better used for certain purposes. Approximately 27% of the 1002 test is devoted to questions about operating systems.

1002 Operational Procedures

Managing IT systems is complicated and requires you to know a lot about operations and proper procedures. Knowing how to prevent a disaster is as important as knowing what to do if one happens and doing so is always preferable. Then you’ll need to be familiar with aspects of safety and professionalism. All of these, and more, are covered in the questions about this topic which occupy about 23% of the 1002 test.

1002 Security

These days, the IT world is all about security and this test has stepped up its coverage of the concept, with about 24% of the 1002 test covering security concepts. Related questions will ask you to delve deeply into procedures that protect people and their information. Many times, you will be asked to imagine a certain scenario and apply what you know about security to maintain the integrity of operations.

1002 Software Troubleshooting

Also related to security is the area of tainted software and these questions thoroughly examine proper and safe procedures and all types of software with regard to security and function. Questions like these make up about 26% of the 1002 test. It was one thing to secure a stationary device, like a desktop, but today’s world requires many additional methods since our technology is often quite small and quite mobile.

We hope these practice questions help you review for the CompTIA A+ Core Series exam and/or aid you in knowing in which areas to schedule additional practice. Be sure to check out our FREE study guides and flashcards, too. And our very best wishes on test day! We’d love to know how it went, so seek us out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube. You can also reach us by email at