Free Practice Tests for the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam

Before you tackle the latest version of the CompTIA A+ exam, you should practice answering the types of questions you might see on it. Many of them require you to examine a situation and make a decision, using everything you know about IT procedures and concepts. Give it a try with these free practice questions for the CompTIA A+ Core Series exam and see where you stand with regard to preparation for the test.

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1001 Mobile Devices

Test questions about this content will cover all mobile technology, from laptops to cell phones and everything in between. You’ll need to know about synchronizing devices and giving support to folks whose device has suddenly started acting “weird.” About 14% of the questions on the 1001 test will be about this content, which also covers all the accessories used with such devices and how to apply them to best advantage.

1001 Networking

Whether it’s a wired or wireless network, an IT professional needs to know everything about it and how to keep it functioning properly. Test questions about networking content will occupy about 20% of the 1001 test and will cover a myriad of topics, including configurations, hosts, connection types, and helpful tools to use. Of course, security concepts are also threaded throughout these questions.

We hope these practice questions help you review for the CompTIA A+ Core Series exam and/or aid you in knowing in which areas to schedule additional practice. Be sure to check out our FREE study guides and flashcards, too. And our very best wishes on test day! We’d love to know how it went, so seek us out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube. You can also reach us by email at [email protected]