Free Study Guides for the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam

What in the world should you study before taking either of the CompTIA A+ Core Series certification tests? Find out here in our free study guides for the CompTIA A+ Core Series tests. We’ll go over all the terms and procedures you’re likely to see on the tests and help you feel ready. Then, you can try out our practice questions and flashcards for each section, as well, for extra experience before the test.

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1001 Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are playing an increasing part in technology use today. Gone are the times when you could assume that if someone was working on a computer, he or she was using a desktop model. Now, more often than not, a much smaller, more portable device is operational and the technology of these devices and their functions are changing constantly. Use this study guide to learn what you need to know to tackle mobile device questions on the CompTIA A+ Core Series Test 220-1001.

1001 Networking

Networks: how they are configured, how they work, major and minor parts, and what to do if they don’t work for some reason. All this and more is covered in the Networking questions on the CompTIA A+ Core Series test 1001. Browse through the concepts in this study guide and find out what you need to study before test day.

We hope these free study guides for the CompTIA A+ Core Series tests have helped guide your preparation for the exams. We’d love to hear how studying and testing went for you, so reach out to us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube—or shoot us an email at [email protected] And have a great certification experience!