What’s in the 2022 CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam Revision?

What’s in the 2022 CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam Revision?

Every three years, the CompTIA exam is revised. This is not surprising since the tech industry changes so much, so frequently. It’s vital that IT professionals are up to date on all the latest technology and procedures so they can do their jobs well. The old CompTIA A+ Core Series exam was released in 2019, while the most recent was released in April 2022. We’ll tell you all about it.

How Can I Prepare for the Newest Version of the CompTIA A+ Core Series Exam?

The test numbers are the key to finding appropriate preparation for this exam. The CompTIA A+ Core Series exam is delivered in two parts. You can choose to take both parts on the same day or spread them over two different test sessions. The old versions of the CompTIA A+ Core Series tests were numbered 1001 and 1002. These tests are not in use anymore and have been replaced by the new tests, numbers 1101 and 1102. Be sure you see these numbers on any preparation materials you use.

Can You Mix and Match the Old and New Tests?

No. If you have already taken only one of the old tests (1001 or 1002), those scores are not valid anymore. You cannot combine scores from the old edition of the exam with a score on the new edition. You’ll need to restart and take both tests 1101 and 1102 to gain certification.

Are There Any Changes in the Basic Topics Covered?

Actually, the names of the nine broad areas of the content tested on the new CompTIA A+ Core Series exam are exactly the same as those for the 2019 exam. These broad areas are listed below, along with the percentage of emphasis each receives in the test parts (1101 or 1102). The percentage of coverage has only changed slightly from that in the former exam edition.

CORE 1 (1101)

Mobile Devices: 15%

Networking: 20%

Hardware: 25%

Virtualization and Cloud Computing: 11%

Hardware and Network Troubleshooting: 29%


CORE 2 (1102)

Operating Systems: 31%

Security: 25%

Software Troubleshooting: 22%

Operational Procedures: 22%


The differences lie within these broad areas. There have been several additions and some deletions made to specific parts of the old content so that the assessed material remains accurate with regard to updated information and technology advancements.

Is There New Emphasis on Fundamental Concepts?

Because of the ever-expanding roles of IT professionals, the new CompTIA A+ exam covers these topics in greater detail than the former edition:

  • baseline security topics, including physical and logical security, malware, and more
  • operational procedures focused on disaster prevention and recovery
  • scripting basics
  • networking and device connectivity

Are There Any Differently Formatted Questions on the New Exam?

The newest version of the CompTIA A+ exam includes the standard multiple-choice questions along with a few questions presented in slightly different ways. Look for these question types:

  • multiple-choice questions requiring more than one answer

  • “drag and drop” questions that require you to click on a portion of the screen and “drag” it to another place in order to answer

  • performance-based questions presented with a simulation or virtual environment to prompt the answer

Has Pricing Changed?

To take the CompTIA A+ 2022 Core Series exam, there is a charge of $246.00 for each test, 1101 and 1102. According to our records, this is slightly higher than the cost of the previous edition.

What About Renewal?

CompTIA A+ certification is good for three years. During that time, it is possible, and encouraged, to invest in some sort of continuing education. This can be accessed online or through local training programs. After completion of these, you’ll need to upload evidence to your certification account. By doing this, you will be able to automatically renew your certificate instead of having to retake the exam, which, no doubt, will be revised again in 2025.

Preparation for any test is important, but considering the rate at which the technology industry changes, it is vital that you prepare with current materials. Again, be sure you seek only preparation for the CompTIA A+ Core Series tests numbered 1101 and 1102.

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