CompTIA® Webinars for CEU Credits

CompTIA® Webinars for CEU Credits

For a certified CompTIA® individual, CompTIA® offers several ways to maintain the professional certification that you’ve worked so hard for. This is done through the CompTIA® Continuing Education (CE) program.

Two Options

Instead of having you retake your exam every 3 years, CompTIA® has two main options to renew your certification for another full cycle: CompTIA® CertMaster courses and CompTIA® Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

  • CompTIA® CertMaster courses are a new way to recertify, and they consist of an online course that maps to several of the current exam objectives. These courses are currently offered for CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+ certification holders. A cost is associated with each course and, upon finishing the course, CompTIA® will renew your certification for another full 3-year cycle.

  • CompTIA® CEUs are a method of using your real-world, professional experience to gain units toward renewing your certification. Each certification is different and requires a different number of CompTIA® CEUs to fulfill the renewal requirements. To qualify, these units need to be earned during the 3 years that you hold the certification, be relevant to the objectives of the exam (at least 50% of content), and be properly documented to CompTIA® standards. There are several ways to earn these units, including but not limited to: passing CompTIA® exams, passing other industry exams (Cisco®, Microsoft®, etc.), acquiring work experience, attending webinars or conferences, and participating in CompTIA®’s special workshops.


It is also important to note that, to maintain your certification, CompTIA® mandates that certification holders pay an annual fee. This fee must be paid before any CEUs may be submitted. Additionally, these fees are waived if you re-certify by way of a CompTIA® CertMaster course, passing the current version of the certification exam, or passing a qualifying CompTIA® exam on the same level or higher.

This is just a small snapshot into the continuing education program provided by CompTIA®. To learn more, please be sure to visit their website for complete details.

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