What is the WorkKeys Test?

What is the WorkKeys Test?

So, you’re searching for a job and find that many of the available ones require you to take some test called “WorkKeys.” What is this test and how can you best prepare? For the answers to these questions, read on.

What Does the WorkKeys Test Assess?

The WorkKeys test evaluates your skills in three basic areas that employers have deemed important for success in the workplace. These are the areas and a brief explanation of the skills tested in each:

Applied Math

Basic math operations and problem-solving skills typical of those used in a workplace setting

Graphic Literacy

Reading, understanding, and using graphics like tables, charts, dashboards, etc.

Workplace Documents

Reading, understanding, and using written material that might be used in the workplace, including everything from simple instructions to legal documents

How Is the WorkKeys Test Structured?

The questions relating to each of the three content areas listed above are contained in three separate test sections. You can take all three sections at one time or you may take them separately. Within each section, there are five levels of questions, 3 through 7. The higher the level, the more difficult or complex the question.

What Is a Good Score?

This depends on the type of job for which you apply. Your score will range from “Level 3” to “Level 7”. Obviously, a higher numbered score would be better, but some jobs do not require you to function at a really high level. Some employers use the score as a placement tool to fit candidates for an appropriate job—one in which they are likely to be successful, based on the WorkKeys score. Scoring a Level 3 would indicate that you could read and follow basic instructions, use simple charts and graphs, and do basic math calculations. For many jobs, this is all that’s required.

How Should I Prepare?

The best way to prepare for any test is to know what types of questions you’ll be asked and practice answering questions of that sort. We can help you with that task and give you more information about the WorkKeys® test—all for FREE! Free Practice for the WorkKeys® Test

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