Question 9 - Workplace Documents Practice Test for the WorkKeys

According to the instructions provided in the attachment, why is this new bin policy being implemented?

Instructions to Returns and Restocking Teams:

There are six bins behind the returns counter. When customers return a product, it is to be placed in the correct bin to be reshelved. Please sort correctly to aid in the speed of getting merchandise back on the shelf.

Bin “1” is for kitchen returns, including kitchen appliances.
Bin “2” is for bathroom returns.
Bin “3” is for returns of women’s clothing.
Bin “4” is for returns of men’s clothing.
Bin “5” is for returns of children’s clothing.
Bin “6” is for returns of toys.

For all three clothing bins, please also sort by size and clothing type (tops, pants, underwear, etc.). Merchandise has been misplaced between the return counter and the shelf. It is our hope that this new system will alleviate those mistakes and ensure that the right products are taken back to the correct departments in a timely fashion.

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