The TSI Assessment vs. the TSIA2: What’s the Difference?

The TSI Assessment vs. the TSIA2: What’s the Difference?

The biggest difference between the two assessments is that, as of January 11, 2021, the original Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI or TSIA) is no longer used to measure college readiness in the state of Texas. The new TSIA2 has replaced it.

What Has Changed

Here are the basic facts:

The content tested on the TSIA2 is largely the same as that tested on the old TSI Assessment. The skills have just been slightly reorganized and only a few new ones have been added. The test administration process is where things have been altered, and that is likely a very good thing for you.

Why Things Have Changed

While the skills tested by the old test are still valid and relevant to college success, the manner in which the test was administered needed improvement. It was determined that the old procedure took more time than necessary to assess important college-readiness skills, did not always assess a student’s skills completely, and did not provide the tools students needed to improve.

What the Changes Mean for You

This is all good news:

  • You will spend less time testing.

  • There are several new paths to proving yourself “college-ready.”

  • You may spend less time in “co-requisite” classes in areas in which you struggle.

  • You will now have much more access to supportive help in these areas—and that help has been designed especially for you, based on your personal test performance.

How You Can Prepare

Don’t panic! If you have been preparing for the TSI Assessment, you’ve been studying the right stuff and you can still use those TSI Assessment study materials if prep for the new TSIA2 test is not readily available.

You should, however, acquaint yourself with the new testing procedures. We think doing this will help you be more comfortable on test day and lessen your anxiety about the test while you prepare.

Finding the New TSIA2 Test Prep Materials

It usually takes a while after a test is revised for updated prep materials to be published. Like we said above, the content of the test is basically the same, but you’ll want to know about the new testing format and procedure. Union Test Prep’s FREE Preparation for the TSIA2 is a great source for this information. Just scroll down on the linked page for all the details.

Additionally, we will be adding test prep sections as they are written during the winter and spring of 2021. These new sections will mirror the actual test in structure and offer enough practice questions for you to simulate the actual tests.

So, get yourself up to date with the process and use whatever you can find to practice and review your skills so you can show what you truly know and can do. Now, don’t worry, you’ve GOT this!

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