Math Covered on the TSIA2

Math Covered on the TSIA2

The TSIA2 is a mandatory test for students entering higher education in Texas. It has replaced the old TSI Test. The content tested on the two tests is approximately the same, with a few new concepts introduced on the TSIA2. The main difference is the testing procedure. You will take the College Readiness Classification (CRC) test first. This will determine your next testing steps. You may also need to take the Diagnostic Test directly following the CRC.

The intent of the tests is to assess your readiness for college study. The CRC mathematics section has 20 multiple-choice questions. You may also be required to take the Diagnostic Test with 48 questions. Neither test is timed; however, the testing center may close before you are finished and you will need to return to complete it within 48 hours.

The tests cover topics that you would see in high school algebra and geometry classes. Here is a brief summary of the sections and the topics covered:

Quantitative Reasoning

  • Rational and irrational numbers
  • Ratios, proportions, and percents; linear relationships in financial literacy and numeracy
  • Operations with whole numbers, integers, decimals, and fractions
  • Number comparison (including decimals, fractions, and percents)
  • Rounding numbers to a given decimal place

Algebraic Reasoning

  • Linear equations, inequalities, and systems of linear equations
  • Linear functions
  • Exponential decay/growth, compound interest, and depreciation
  • Quadratic, polynomial, exponential, rational, and radical equations and expressions
  • Equations and functions (including quadratic, polynomial, exponential, rational, and radical)

Geometric and Spatial Reasoning

  • Conversion of units in systems of measurement
  • Perimeter, area, surface area, and volume
  • Estimation
  • Transformations (congruence, similarity, and symmetry)
  • Right triangle relationships
  • Basic trigonometry
  • The connection of algebra to geometry
  • Angles

Probabilistic and Statistical Reasoning

  • Probability
  • Data terms (including measures of center and spread of data)
  • Data classification and representation
  • Data counting, sorting, analysis, interpretation, and conclusion-drawing
  • Graphs and tables

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