The TABE: All About the Test

The TABE: All About the Test

What is the TABE?

TABE stands for Test of Adult Basic Education. TABE scores are used to determine placement in a variety of adult educational settings, from GED preparatory classes to career readiness training.

How is it Structured?

The TABE assesses knowledge in 3 subjects: Reading, Language, and Math.

Additionally, there are 5 levels of the TABE: Literacy, Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Advanced.

A short “Locator” test is administered first to determine which level you should take for each subject.

How Long Does it Take?

The “Locator” test takes about an hour.

The actual TABE takes about 3 hours. There is also an abridged version called the “survey” which takes about an hour and a half.

What Should I Study?

Reading- Be able to read short passages and understand concepts like main idea, purpose, and point of view. Understand terms such as “inference” and “genre.”

Language- Study basic grammatical principles like punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and sentence structure.

Math- Focus on understanding basic math principles, such as percentages, fractions, whole numbers, and integers.

How Much Does it Cost?

Many times, the establishment requiring you to take the TABE will cover your fees. If not, you can typically expect to pay $15-$25.

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