Question 16 - Language: Level M Practice Test for the TABE Test

Choose the sentence that best develops the topic sentence and should be placed at location (2) in the passage provided.

(1) In recent years, the pet care industry has skyrocketed as more and more young professionals flock to big cities to attain their career goals. (2) ____ (3) To alleviate this dilemma, many dog-walking companies have added an optional service in which sitters will make a home-visit to a dog during the day. (4) This home visit not only gives the dog some exercise, but also allows them to be fed and interacted with so they aren’t bored until their owner returns in the evening. (5) Dogs should be fed multiple times a day to avoid overeating, a bad habit that can often cause the dog’s stomach to bloat. (6) Most home visits follow the same rough outline. (7) First, the pet sitter will take the dog outdoors for a bathroom break. (8) Next, the sitter will feed the dog lunch and spend some time on personal interaction, be that a short snuggle or a game of tug-a-war. (9) ____, before the pet sitters depart, they will give the dog one final bathroom break and send a text to the owner with an update on their furry friend. (10) The dog is then able to rest and relax for the rest of the day while its owner can focus on work. (11) Without this kind of service, many pets are forced to stay shut in small crates without a bathroom break for long periods of time. (12) ____.

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