Question 10 - 11th Grade Mathematics: Number and Operations Practice Test for the SBAC

Read the attached passage and consult the attached graph.

Suppose Aimee increases her profit per cup to 30 cents at the new location. How many fewer sales would be needed to break even at this new price than if she kept the profit per cup at 25 cents?

Aimee plans to open a lemonade stand. She wants to determine whether to sell an 8 ounce or 10-ounce cup of lemonade. Each 8-ounce cup costs 2 cents and 10-ounce cups are 3 cents each. The lemons to make a half-gallon of lemonade cost 5 dollars and the sugar for the half-gallon costs 85 cents. She already has all the materials needed to make the stand and she can use the location at no cost. Aimee notices that about 150 people pass by the location of her stand each day and thinks that 20 percent of these people will buy a cup of lemonade. You have made the 2 accompanying graphs to help Aimee make business decisions.

graphs of sales 5 10

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