Question 2 - 11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Research Practice Test for the SBAC

A student is writing a persuasive essay about the need for pet owners to microchip their pets. He found several possible sources for his report. Read the attached information these sources provide and determine which source would best support his argument.

Source 1: Pet parents who allow their pets to escape should have their pets removed from their custody. While microchips can help lost pets be reunited with their family, that family can obviously not be trusted with the care of an animal and the pet deserves to be placed with more responsible owners.

Source 2: Microchipping pets is a relatively low cost insurance policy for pet owners. If a microchipped pet is lost or separated from its owner, the pet can be scanned for a chip and that chip can provide a vet’s office or animal control agency with information about the pets owners to ensure that animal’s safe return.

Source 3: Microchipping a pet involves implanting a small chip under the skin of a pet. The chip contains an identification number unique to that pet and once scanned can be used to access pertinent owner information. Microchips are not GPS trackers, however, so you will not be able to use the chip to find a lost pet.

Source 4: Microchips may pose a danger to an animal’s overall health. In addition to the initial pain that may occur with the insertion, the microchip may shift from the insertion site and migrate to another area in the body.

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