Question 2 - 11th Grade English Language Arts and Literacy: Listening Practice Test for the SBAC

According to the audio presentation, all of the following are ways in which officials tried to make Manzanar as much of a self-contained community as possible except for which two statements?

Statement 1: They built an auditorium where they show movies and hold concerts.
Statement 2: They offer a variety of stores and shops for people to shop at.
Statement 3: They created a golf course, though there is no grass.
Statement 4: They established schools for the children of Manzanar so as not to interrupt their education.
Statement 5: They held community events like picnics in the park and planned regular excursions to places outside the camp.

Text for audio retrieved from: Keene, Jennifer D. World War II: Core Documents (Kindle Location 2070). Ashbrook Center. Kindle Edition.
Manzanar: Excerpt from Born Free and Equal by Ansel Adams

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