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Free Study Guides for the

SAT® Exam

So, just how in the world are you supposed to know what is on the SAT exam? Well, we’ll give you an idea of what you should be able to do right here in our free study guides for the SAT exam. Our study guides break down the skills and the process so you can make the most of prep time, and move on to a great testing experience!

Table of Contents

Sections of the SAT® Exam


The Essay part of the SAT exam is now optional, but you will probably want to take it at least once since many colleges require a writing score for admission decisions. This is because a large portion of your college success will involve your ability to produce the written word and colleges want to know if you can do this in an effective manner. Consider the information in this study guide as you prepare to write on test day.

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Math: Additional Topics

A few of the questions on the SAT exam math section will concern three topics: geometry, trigonometry, and complex numbers. There aren’t many of these questions, but if you want the best score possible, a bit of review may be in order. Check through this study guide to round out your skills, and your confidence, before test day.

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Math: Heart of Algebra

One of the four types of questions on the SAT exam, Math section, involves dealing with algebra concepts. These questions will test your understanding of, and ability to use linear equations, systems of these equations, and inequalities. Just what do you need to know? Check out this study guide to find out!

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Math: Passport to Advanced Math

The questions on the SAT exam in the area of “Passport to Advanced Math” involve skills and procedures in which you need to be proficient before tackling advanced math courses. Check out this study to find out exactly what you need to be able to do to successfully answer this type of question.

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Math: Problem Solving and Data Analysis

In both of the SAT exam Math sections (calculator and no-calculator), you will find questions that require you to use problem solving and data analysis skills. A total of 17 of the 58 math questions involve concepts in this area of math, so you’ll need to be prepared. Go through this study guide and focus on any skills that may still give you trouble or that you may have forgotten over the months and years of varied math instruction.

Your score on the problems of this type will become part of your total SAT exam Math score and it will form a subscore on “Problem Solving and Data Analysis”.

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The SAT exam Reading section contains several types of passages and there are some skills that are basic for comprehension and analytical reading of any sort of text. There are also particular skills that are useful in reading a scientific passage that would not be needed when reading literature. We will cover all types of reading skills needed for this section of the SAT exam in this study guide.

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Writing and Language

Even though this is not a “reading” test, you will need to read passages in order to evaluate them and answer the Writing and Language questions. This time, though, you will be reading with the eye of a proofreader or editor. Questions will ask you to determine how something can best be changed to make the passage more effective and to make it extremely clear to the reader. This study guide will tell you the types of things you will be asked to do in this section of the SAT exam so you can practice needed skills before test day.

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We hope our study guides have helped you in your prep for good SAT exam scores. We’d love to know about your experience, so please let us hear about it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest! Or you can write us at Our very best wishes to you during this important life process!