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Sometimes, just a little review of some important terms and procedures can make all the difference in how you deal questions on test day. Use our free flashcards for the SAT exam as part of your preparation and cover all the bases. Along with our practice questions and study guide, they’ll help you feel more confident and prepared for the test.

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Table of Contents

Sections of the SAT Exam


The last 15 of these flashcards simply review math skills that are required on the SAT Math Test. But the first 15 flashcards will give you experience in formulating answers to grid in on the test.

For approximately 13 of the questions in the SAT test math section, you will not be given four answer choices. Instead, you’ll need to come up with the answer on your own and “grid in” a number in four spaces. These flashcards will help you practice that skill, while giving additional review on the math understanding required on this test.

Complete rules for gridding in on this test can be found here. Please review them before you begin the flashcards and you may want to keep a copy of the rules open as you work.

The notation “(blank)” in a flashcard answer indicates a space to be left blank on the grid. For answers that occupy fewer than the four spaces provided, you can put your answer in any boxes, as long as the numerals and symbols (like “/ “) are in the correct order.

Reminder: When you take the test, be sure to fill in the corresponding bubble below each answer box. This is what actually records your answer. Also, no answer will need more than four spaces and no answer will be a negative number.

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While the types of reading passages on the SAT exam are different, some of the skills required by the questions are similar. For any type of passage, you’ll need to really delve into text meaning and it will help to have a little practice on word skills. These flashcards should provide some of that practice in analyzing text. You’ll also want to seek additional study materials, especially if this is difficult for you.

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Writing and Language

When you take the Writing and Language section of the SAT exam, you will encounter passages from various genres. The skills you use to evaluate the writing in these passages, however, will be the same. These flashcards will help you hone your writing evaluation skills by practicing a few of the smaller components of good passage analysis.

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